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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Thank you for bearing with us during recent times when we have only been allowed to offer a telephone triage service and no proper emergency dental care.  We hope you are well and have not  suffered unduly with dental problems.

As we consider life after lockdown, the recommencement of dentistry and “the new normal”, it is important for us to keep everyone as informed as possible.

We have been closely following expert opinion from all over the world and will be introducing some changes in the details of the way we keep you safe during your journey through our practice.

On the subject of prevention of cross infection we wish to emphasise that for many years we have quietly deployed the gold standard of approach.  This was designed to prevent cross infection with all previously known pathogens.  We have a designated “decontamination” room where instruments are systematically processed by a designated member of staff.  The efficacy of this process is monitored, tested and logged on a daily basis.  We even produce our own ultra clean water, using reverse osmosis, for use in the high pressure autoclave sterilising machines and for cooling dental drills.

Social distancing is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future and the continued need for this has clear implications. 

We will be introducing a number of changes at 52 Queen Anne Street and ask for your patience and tolerance of these changes:

We will contact you prior to your appointment and ask you to complete a questionnaire pertinent to your experience of, or possible exposure to Covid 19 and to update your medical history.

We will ask you to arrive a maximum of 5 minutes prior to your appointed time to minimise numbers in the waiting room.  We will be staggering appointments, wherever possible, to achieve the same objective.  Please come with a maximum of one person accompanying you.  Other than for child patients, accompanying individuals will not be invited into the surgery.

The reception area will look a little different as it will have a Perspex shield.  We will also all look a little different as all female staff will be wearing clinical attire rather than their historical glamorous outfits.

When you arrive you will be asked to use hand sanitiser.  Your temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer and you will once again be asked to complete a brief questionnaire.  If you have an elevated temperature you may be offered a test at the medical practice within the building and possibly to reschedule the appointment.


Sadly the welcoming handshake is consigned to history but the warm welcoming smile will remain.  We will ask you to leave your belongings downstairs in the care of our reception staff.

In the surgery we will be wearing levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the procedure that you are having done.  We sincerely hope that you do not find this unnecessarily intimidating.

At the start of the appointment we will ask you to use an anti microbial mouthwash.

We will be making many other small changes too numerous to list here.  If you wish to read our full coronavirus protocol please refer to our Plowman & Partners' website.

We wish to reassure you that, in essence, our aim remains to take care of you to the highest possible standards in the kindest and safest possible manner.  Thank you for your understanding.


Guy Robertson

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Guy Robertson provides the full range of

Private Dental Practice Services

Guy is recognised by The General Dental Council as a Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.  He enjoys

providing routine dental care and general dentistry for you and your family as well as doing

highly complex treatments, often for referring colleague dentists.

Guy Robertson is a Partner at Plowman and Partners, one of London's best Private Dental Practices

Established in 1922 we have provided the highest standards of dental care for over nine decades.

We are conveniently located In Marylebone at 52 Queen Anne Street at the heart of the

world-leading Harley Street medical district in Marylebone.

All our Partners have undertaken postgraduate training and are formally recognised by

the General Dental Council as Specialists.

We believe that we are unique in the UK; we know of no other top private dental practice where

all the dentists are additionally qualified.

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Guy Robertson BDS PhD
Specialist in Restorative Dentistry
General Family Practitioner

52 Queen Anne Street
State of the art surgery facilities and a highly experienced multi-discipliniary tea
m, all Specialists, providing the full range of services including root canal treatment

Dental Hygiene
The cornerstone of our preventative service for healthy teeth and gums

Smile Clinic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us assess the full range of aesthetic and orthodontic treatment options appropriate for you at a consultation

Dental Implants, Veneers and Crowns

We have particular expertise in designing and fitting implants and veneers

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Fillings
Relatively straighforward options to significantly improve your appearance,
including white fillings

Art at 52
Other than in the clinical areas there is an eclectic range of art at the practice with many pictures painted by Guy Robertson

Music at 52
We believe that the mellower tracks that we play add to a patient's sense of calm and wellbeing during treatment, particularly for those who might be more nervous

Extended biography
I have always believed that mutual understanding and trust with patients are based on clear communication

We are committed to the highest standards of care in a relaxed
and understanding professional environment.

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"Myself, husband and two children have been going to Guy for the past 20 years (potentially more!!). He has taken care of our teeth second to none - always helpful, makes time for any problems, and has given us the top standard of care - so much so I would never go anywhere else despite travelling a huge amount.
His staff, the practice, are top of their game, and Guy has an expertise in doing just the ‘right thing’ to keep teeth and mouth healthy and looking great. I trust him 100% with any issue and would beyond highly recommend."

Emma Forbes, British TV and radio presenter and style expert


​Dr Guy Robertson

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