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Queen Anne Street street name in the Harley Street area of Marylebone

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52 Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, London

"Centre of Dental Clinical Excellence"

Dental practice front door at 52 Queen Anne Street

52 is a beautiful listed building built in the 1760's.  It is part of the Howard de Walden estate in Marylebone that includes the world-renowned Harley Street medical area. The building was significantly refurbished by the HdW estate in 2009 and a second phase was completed at the end of April 2016.  We took on the lease of the building at the beginning of May 2016.


The partnership then enacted our plans for the design and build of a state of the art seven-surgery dental practice and all of the infrastructure to support it. A huge amount of thought was put into planning every aspect in order to deliver the highest quality of patient care in beautiful and comfortable surroundings.


The details include everything from completely new dental chairs and delivery systems to a new networked computer system allowing patient records and x-rays to be securely stored digitally. The chairs have intra oral cameras so that we can show you what is happening in your mouth rather just describing it to you.


A custom built "decontamination room" was built for the processing and sterilisation of dental instruments. Touch free taps are the latest in a series of measures to prevent cross-infection.

Planning and building the '52 project' was truly a team effort by the four partners and our staff.  The feedback we have received from our patients is exceptional.  It is now our professional home and we feel very fortunate to be here.

Top of the range equipment

CBCT machine in use
CBCT machine
Touch free tap
Decontamination room

Touch free tap

Our new state of the art Sirona Cone Beam Computer Tomography machine (CBCT) provides three dimensional images that facilitate complex diagnoses and allow computer planning of complex implant surgery.

Decontamination room

The Partnership On-line


The continuing development of the digital age is of great benefit to us all. Information at our fingertips on every subject under the sun is now the norm and dentistry is no exception.  


Plowman and Partners have had a website for many years now and this has been modernised and streamlined.  It still provides the core information about our Partnership and practice and is, as ever, at


In addition to this each partner will have their own on-line presence on whatever platform they choose.  I have chosen a personal website rather than social media.  This site has lots of personal information that would not be appropriate on a partnership site.  


My aim is one of openness so that you know much more about the person who is taking care of you.  Knowledge and understanding are at the roots of trust, which is crucial in a clinical setting

Plowman & Partners team outside 52
River Thames; watercolour by Guy Roberts
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