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Lake painting

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An Eclectic Selection of Art at 52 Queen Anne Street

Hand coiled pot by Jean Landon

Hand coiled pot by Jean Langdon

I have always believed that the clinical area should be purely clinical but that other areas should be full of interesting objects and art.  


The Practice has always had a range of art in the surgeries and waiting areas.  Over the years this has evolved from dark and traditional oil paintings into a much more eclectic mixture of pieces. Large abstract acrylics are beside small watercolours. Small oils are beside large Victorian watercolours and black and white photographs.

Guy Robertson's surgery

Guy Robertson's surgery

Below there is a mixture of other artists' works and my own pieces

Watercolours and an oil

The Lake of Gennesareth watercolourw

The Lake of Gennesareth - from Capernaum

Henry A Harper 1895

Oil of Hermitage by David BachmannIMG_4622.jpg

Hermitage in Tuscany

Oil by David Bachmann

Lake scene by Keith Burtonshaw; watercolour

By Keith Burtonshaw

Painting by an unknown artist

Unknown artist

Watercolour sketches by Guy Robertson

; watercolour

Boat houses at Bury Hill lake

Loch Beinn a Mheadoin; watercolour

Loch Beinn a Mheadoin

Central Highlands

Acrylics by Guy Robertson

; acrylic by Guy Robertson

Suffolk sky

; acrylic by Guy Robertson

Loch Mullardoch

Abstracts by Guy Robertson

Homage to Damien Hurst; abstract by Guy Robertson

Homage to Damien Hurst

Abstract painting


 by Guy Robertson

Geometric abstract

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