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Case Studies for Referring Dentists

This page provides examples of cases referred to Dr Guy Robertson by other dentists.  Please do contact us for further information on any of these cases

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Implant placed, then restored
X-rays before & after extraction

Implant Case Studies


Case Study 1

A single tooth replacement planned using virtual planning from CBCT images

Periapical X-rays  before and after extraction

CBCT planning images

CBCT planning images (2)
CBCT planning images (1)

Periapical X-rays with implant placed and implant restored

Case Study 2

The patient was a 54 year old male engineer referred from a colleague in West Sussex.  He presented with generalised chronic periodontal disease with extreme bone loss. The only traditional treatment alternative would involve complete upper and lower removable dentures.

Upper and lower laboratory fabricated metal and acrylic ten unit provisional bridges were secured on two abutment teeth in each arch.

Preoperative radiographs of teeth

Preoperative radiographs

(extensive periodontal disease)

Following healing of the extraction sockets extensive bilateral sinus grafting was performed.  This was followed by delayed implant placement, an integration period, second stage surgery and final restoration.

Full arch provisional fixed bridges

Panoramic radiograph showing full arch provisional

fixed bridges to be worn throughout the

course of the treatment.

No removable dentures at any stage

Radiographs following implants

Radiographs following implant placement

Completed implants
Full mouth reconstuction using implants

Finished full mouth implant reconstruction.

Radiographs of completed implant reconstruction

Case study 3

Panoramic radiograph of a full mouth implant reconstruction approaching 10 years after treatment completion.

Full mouth implant reconstruction

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