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Fee guide for treatments

It will be clear that our fees are significantly higher than those of an ordinary high street dental practice.  This reflects the fact that the treatment will provide you with the highest possible quality of care as well as the highest clinical standard of outcome.


The treatment will be done by a highly qualified and very experienced Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.  Our beautiful historic building at 52 Queen Anne Street in the heart of London’s West End medical district is furnished with state of the art equipment.


In short, our fees reflect the fact that we provide only the very best of care.

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New patient consultation          

Routine examination            

Routine examination, children

Full restorative examination, from    

Fillings, per filling, from

Hygienist, per visit

Hygienist, quadrant cleaning under

    local anaesthetic     

Root canal treatment   

Endodontic surgery     

Implant, per tooth, from    

Crown/inlays/onlays, from  

Bridgework, per tooth, from

Veneers, from 

Cast post and core

Partial chrome denture, from

Full upper and lower dentures, from

Root planing, per quadrant

Quadrant surgery, from 

Bone grafting      

Sinus augmentation, per sinus, from 





















Periodontal consultation     

Orthodontic consultation, plus records,


Fixed braces

Removable brace

Functional removable brace

Removable retainer, per jaw, from

Bonded retainer, per jaw 

Home tooth whitening, incl first 8 tubes

In-surgery tooth whitening, incl

    first 8 tubes

Gum shield, for children


Occlusal splint, from


Snoring device

TMJ Muscle Therapy (45 min appt)

Facial aesthetic treatments, from

Panoramic radiograph (OPG x-ray)

Cone beam CT, per jaw 

Emergency appointment, from





















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We accept payment by cheque, cash, credit or debit cards and bank transfers.

Services are offered to patients on a private basis only.

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