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Montage showing the components of an implant
Montage of a fitted implant

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Dental Implants: the Modern Approach to Missing Teeth

Fitting an implant

Fitting an implant

Dental implants are the modern approach to replacing missing teeth, obviating the need for removable dentures.  We have been using dental implants at the practice since 1990. When planned with care and precisely done by an experienced clinician they are highly successful. The aesthetic results are excellent and the long term outcomes are superb.


Studies have shown that the general success rate for surgical implants is high at about 95%.  We have invested heavily in dental implant post-graduate training; our success rate is close to 100%, including treatment of the more complex and remedial cases, often referred from other dentists.  


Our patients report very few problems during and following treatment and are unanimously happy with the improvements that implant treatment provides.

There are several cosmetic and clinical reasons why implants are so successful.


Appearance, self confidence, and that all-important smile; they all benefit!

  • Do you have a tooth missing, perhaps at the front?  

  • Do you consciously avoid smiling because you are bothered about "that gap"?  

  • Do you find yourself keeping your lips together, and mumbling, when you talk?  

  • Is your speach slightly impaired? Do you avoid all but essential parties and other gatherings because you are worried?

  • Do you avoid meetings and presentations at work?


Generally, does all this impact on your self-confidence in social situations, at work and even when at home with your family?


When we are discussing a possible implant plan with our patients these are all issues that arise during the consultation. Once an implant has been fitted in a well-proven surgical procedure there is no doubt about the benefit.  Patients tell us that having a natural looking set of teeth has a really positive effect on their self confidence; they relax more in social situations, smile easily and naturally, and generally 'feel better in themselves'. The best possible outcome!

Implants improve facial structure

The teeth fulfill an important function in supporting the structure of the face. We are all familiar with the sunken cheek appearance of someone who has lost their teeth and is not wearing their dentures.  Multiple implants can be an effective solution to this problem by restoring a natural facial structure that is pleasing to the eye.


Implants protect your adjacent teeth

When enjoying a meal there is considerable pressure on your teeth.  If there is a gap then the pressure increases on the teeth adjacent to that gap.  If those teeth are themselves somewhat impaired or damaged there is an increased risk to them of breakage. With an implant supported crown in place having a full set of teeth spreads the load and decreases that risk; and, now that you can eat evenly, it is likely that you will enjoy your meals more than before.  No more problems with nuts and other food getting stuck in the gap!


From a clinical perspective a specific advantage of implants is that no preparation of the adjacent teeth is needed, as is sometimes the case for bridges.  An implant literally "stands alone" as it is placed directly into the jaw bone.  The root of a healthy tooth also fits through the gum directly into the bone!


Implants have long term stability

Any dental procedure requires a careful clinical assessment and then a discussion with the patient of the various technical options, their pros and cons and their cost. This is equally true of implants.  This assessment leads to an agreed treatment plan. Our experience is that implants fitted by skilled dentists have an excellent success rate.  


There is, of course, an important role for the patient to ensure regular and correct dental hygiene to maintain oral health, but there are no special needs. We will advise on this as part of the implant procedure.  We will always give you an indication of fees.

For more information on implants

As a Specialist in Restorative Dentistry Dr Guy Robertson has the necessary combination of postgraduate training, qualifications and experience to do implant work to the highest possible standards.  This includes everything from single teeth to much more difficult cases and remedial treatment for work carried out elsewhere.


In cases where related treatment might be needed on other teeth, perhaps root canal treatment, veneers, fillings or whitening, our multi-discipliniary team of Specialists and hygienists can provide that support in our clinic.


More information is available on our Q&A page.  For those with a technical inclination there is further information on the Implant Technology page and on the Referring Dentist page; please click on the relevant underlined link.

x-ray before implant

x-ray before implant fitting

x-ray of fitted implant

x-ray after implant fitting

We would be delighted to discuss your needs in a no-obligation phone call to 020 7580 2551

Or, if you prefer, please send an email to Guy Robertson.

"Guy has been my dentist for more than 20 years and has been excellent at looking after all aspects of my dental health in a friendly and highly professional environment.

For many decades I had a plate and single tooth to fill a long-term gap at the front of my adult teeth.  Guy finally persuaded me to have an implant.  An excellent recommendation and one that I should have accepted much earlier!!

Since then I have had two further implants, one also being highly visible at the front.  I'm more than happy with these three implants; they all were immediately comfortable, are easy to look after and an excellent colour match with adjacent teeth.  Thank you!"  Ray Cuckow

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