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Calming Music at 52 Queen Anne Street

Ovation guitar

I listen to music on my journey to and from work and all day at the Practice. This can amount to twelve hours a day, which means that I consume a lot of music. As a result of this I have become an enthusiastic user of streaming services.  I am constantly looking out for new music and patients regularly recommend artists and albums to add to playlists.

Ovation guitar

My natural territory is blues based guitar music including musicians such as Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Joe Bonammassa, Jimmy Page and especially David Gilmour.


I usually select the mellower tracks that add to the sense of calm and wellbeing during treatment.


Music genres include pop, rock and country as well as blues.  They also extend to classical and flamenco guitar.  If you would prefer Edward Elgar, just let me know.  If you have music on a mobile device that you would like played during your visit, it would be my pleasure to do so

Mellow playlist



Although I have taken great pleasure from listening to music since early teenage years, it is only recently that I have started trying to make music of my own. Encouraged by two long term patients, I took up learning to play guitar in 2012.  Since then playing has become a crucial and truly life-enhancing part of my daily life.

I have been fortunate enough to gather a modest collection of guitars. The most important of these have been handmade for me by one of the individuals who encouraged me in the first place.  I am humbled and truly not worthy of such special instruments but I play one or other of them most days. They have enhanced my guitar journey and my life. Obviously I should have started learning decades ago.


As you will see from the images, guitars are beautiful objects d'art,  but they only become completely alive when being played.

Guy playing a guitar
Classical guitar by Derk Hooper

Classical guitar by Derek Hooper

Playing a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

Playing a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

Book matched English walnut acoustic gu

Book matched English walnut

acoustic guitar by Derek Hooper

Aged Fender Telecaster guitar

Aged Fender Telecaster

Flying V guitar
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