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Album Review: Inner Sanctum by Minology

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Photo of the two artists that are Minology
Tony Calvo & Jonathan Espinosa - Minology

My Album of the summer and almost certainly of 2018 has just become available on all the usual streaming platforms including Spotify, i-Tunes and Tidal.

At its simplest it could be defined as chill out music and there is no doubt that it will be enjoyed at the beach and by the pool. It instantly evokes sensations of a warm wind tickling the surface of the water, throwing off diamonds of life enhancing light. Ah, relaxation.....

Dive deeper and it is so much more than just the best chill out album for years. It is complex and deep and yet simply joyful. It is genre defying. At its heart are flamenco guitar rhythms and vocals fit for the 21st century. This is spiced with rock and pop sensibilities and “world music” vocals. There is even a fragrant pinch of electronic dance musical influence. The subtly and delicacy of these mixtures makes for an astonishingly cohesive whole. The album is the musical equivalent of 3 Michelin star food, but infinitely more accessible. This is auditory Heston Blumenthal, without the nerdy glasses. The ingredients are unusual but the results are fresh, unique and delicious.

The engine room of Minology comprises guitarist/composer Tony Calvo and producer/engineer/composer Jonathan Espinosa. Spanish blood runs in their veins and in the blood vessels of this music. They have assembled a myriad of international musicians and vocalists and inspired them to produce virtuoso performances. The production values are of the very finest quality and every track is exquisitely crafted. Steal the best music system you can find and play the entire album on repeat.

Selecting favourite tracks is like picking favourite children and I do love my children all the same but.....

“Gone” is the standout soulful pop smash hit ballad andI can already imagine multiple club remixes of “Awakening”.“Lovemakers” is perfect for making ....your partner happy. It’s vibe is totally modern yet reminiscent of Je t’aime from 3 lifetimes ago. “Terrenal” just makes it feel good to be alive. “The Cliff” manages to combine pure idyllic chill out with rock guitar and piano bar cool. “Inner Sanctum” and “Genesis” are the main movements of this work with their gloriously unrestrained rock guitar. These two are the tracks you will have to turn down in polite company and turn up when listening with headphones. Oh, so many loveable children!

Having picked out tracks, I recommend that you don’t just select favourite tracks and add them to playlists. Listen to the album in its entirety. Movements of a symphony should be heard in context.

This epic album is truly a musical tour de force and will become part of the soundtrack of your life. It is a life enhancing body of music and deserves international recognition.

Don’t listen to my hyperbolic waffle, listen to Inner Sanctum by Minology.

Minology's Inner Sanctum album cover
Front cover of the Minology "Inner Sanctum" album

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