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Gillian Henchley - Poet

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

The front cover of Grazes on the Skin
The two poems read by Gillian are published in this book

I have recently had the pleasure of participating in a joint creative project with the poet Gillian Henchley.

Her first volume of poetry, “Grazes on the Skin”, is beautiful, uplifting and inspirational as well as challenging, like the very finest art. It is a colourful celebration of linguistic subtlety and nuance wrapped in a delicious mixture of ambiguity and literalism. It is also thought provoking and truly poetic.

For this project Gillian recorded the poems and then I have composed and recorded some simple guitar accompaniment. I believe that the author’s vocal recordings enhance her already delightful work. I hope that you enjoy listening to them. There are two tracks, 'Truth and Lies' and 'Honey Blues' and you can access them both on the Soundcloud image near the bottom of the 'Music at 52' page of this website, accessed from the 52 Queen Anne Street menu button.

Gretsch Duo guitar
The Gretsch Duo guitar played by Guy Robertson for the backing track to the poetry

Grazes on the Skin is available from Amazon books. Gillian is currently hard at work on her second volume.

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