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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Hide travel bag
Hand stitched hide travel bag, now over 20 years old

I have always been an enthusiastic hobbyist and collector and indeed have collected many new hobbies over the years.

As well as making art, sculpture and music I enjoy working with leather. I am completely self taught from books and the internet but only use my own designs. Each piece is a hand sewn “one-off” with no use of machines.

Working with leather requires patience, care and precision to achieve the best results, much like dentistry.

I make many types of pieces but with a particular emphasis on boxes.

* Hide Travel bag (photo above). This bag took many hours to make but the visible wear and tear is testament to more than 20 years of use

* Hide watch box with calf hinge and tan suede lining

* Calf document folio with piped edges, hide details and brass buckles

Hide watch box
Hide lined watch box

Calf document folio
Calf document folio

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