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Information for Referring Dentists

We recognise that not all dental practices can have the range of Specialist skills to meet the clinical needs of their patients.


Although this part of our website is open to the public the content is focused entirely on providing you, the referring dentist, with the information that you need when considering whether to refer one of your patients to us.

We offer a wide range of Specialist skills

Dr Guy Roberson has a long-established reputation for providing the Specialist skills, experience and advanced clinical techniques needed to treat the more demanding conditions, many referred to us by dental colleagues. We offer particular expertise with remedial treatment for implants and veneers.


Our strictly ethical approach to referred patients

​We place great importance on the ethics of our relationship with referring dentists and their patients.  

  • We will carry out only the diagnostic and dental restorative procedures agreed in writing with you and your patient before treatment commences

  • If our diagnostic tests discover unexpected needs or complications we will always agree with you whether you wish to carry out that treatment or you would prefer us to do so

  • We are happy for you to be present during treatment if you or your patient wishes 

  • We will provide you with full clinical notes, x-rays, and all other relevant information, for the treatment carried out on your behalf 

  • The referred patient remains your patient.  They will be ‘returned’ to you as soon as we have completed the agreed treatment.

  • We will not accept your patient onto our general practice register unless you specifically request this.

Contact us

​We hope that you will find most of the information that you need in this part of our website.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Guy Robertson to discuss the needs of any of your patients.  We will be happy to assist and there is no obligation.

Contact Guy Robertson at Plowman & Partners:

020 7580 2551 (click from a mobile) or by email

Further information

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