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Teeth before and after whitening

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Tooth Whitening to Improve your Smile and Self Confidence

Have your teeth become stained or yellow?  Is this affecting your self confidence?  If so, then tooth whitening may be the best option for you.  Our advice always starts with an examination to assess all the options.


Over time teeth tend to yellow.  There are many causes.  Smoking causes discolouration. Drinks such as coffee and red wine, and some foods, will also cause your teeth to discolour, particularly if coupled with poor dental hygiene.  The antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline are known to cause discolouration in young children whose teeth are still forming as can some other drugs for adults.


It is self-evident, as confirmed by many of our patients, that whiter teeth not only have a better appearance but that they make you look more attractive, giving a boost to your self confidence in both social and business environments. You will be able to smile freely and openly!

Teeth before bleaching
The same teeth after bleaching

Before and after bleaching in Guy Robertson's clinic

Whitening is a straightforward and safe way to improve your appearance.    We offer both an ‘in surgery’ and an ‘at home’ option for this treatment.  The process involves the application of a whitening gel in a tray custom-built from an impression of your teeth.


There are many whitening products available from supermarkets and pharmacies for home use. However these products are not allowed, by law, to contain enough hydrogen peroxide, the whitening agent. Only registered dentists can prescribe this.  We will also advise on appropriate aftercare.


Revitalise your self confidence!

Please do call to discuss how we may be able to help you

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"Guy Robertson has been attending to my dental needs for about 25 yrs and I can genuinely say he has never caused me any pain - not even when injecting an anaesthetic! He is an outstanding professional and focuses on proactive preventative dentistry. The result is that I still have a good set of teeth in my mid fifties, which, are repaired and maintained, only when absolutely necessary.


His practice is equipped with the latest "state of the art" equipment and his staff are well trained, friendly and professional.  Guy is actually a very interesting man, charming and always a pleasure to visit.


In recent years I insisted that my son and daughter (both at University) see Guy as well, because I believe he is at the very top of his game and my adult children, like me, should protect their dental health with help from one of the best in the dentistry profession."  

David Saville

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