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Well Placed Veneers can make a Significant Improvement to your Smile

We regularly see patients who are acutely self-conscious about their smile and who are therefore ill at ease in company.  This can have a damaging effect on their overall sense of well-being and confidence.


Dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-coloured porcelain bonded to the front surfaces of your natural teeth, and address a variety of physical and aesthetic problems.


Well-placed veneers can make a significant improvement to your smile. Patients tell us of the change to their lives as a result of now being confident of their smile and therefore in themselves.


Initial consultation and diagnosis

The first step in any dental procedure is a full examination in our clinic and diagnosis of the clinical and cosmetic options .  If veneers may be the appropriate treatment there will be a check on the overall oral health, mouth, teeth and gums.  We will assess possible issues that may require prior attention such as fillings, root canal treatment or whitening of adjacent teeth and make an assessment of possible contra-indications.


Desired end result

We will carefully discuss with you the end result that you are looking for.  We make mock-ups of design options (size, positioning, shape, colour) and make extensive use of photographs during treatment at each stage.  We will work closely and interactively with you throughout to agree and then to refine the treatment plan.


Veneers and 'smile makeovers' have been over-hyped and over-used by some practitioners in heavily advertised 'smile clinics'. We only fit veneers where we believe that they are the correct clinical choice and that they will give the correct balanced and aesthetic appearance.   We will never recommend the "Hollywood effect" of over-perfect, over-sized or over-white teeth!


What's involved?

Once the treatment plan is agreed the teeth will be prepared to take the veneers.  This involves the removal of some of the tooth surface enamel so that a good bond will be achieved. Temporary veneers will then be placed. The final porcelain veneers are only made in the laboratory after the temporary veneers have been tried and tested and both patient and dentist are happy.  The shape and form of the temporary veneers are used in the production of the final veneers.


Who will the fit the veneers?

Your veneers will be placed by Dr Guy Robertson, who is further qualified as a Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.  Our team is highly experienced in fitting veneers.


Is there pain?

Normally not, although there may be some temporary discomfort as with any dental procedure. Pain can be caused if the tooth is over-prepared such that the dentine, below the enamel, is exposed, perhaps by less experienced practitioners.  We carry out remedial work for patients who present with this problem.



Depending on severity minor damage or wear might be a contra-indication, as might treatment of young patients with otherwise healthy teeth.


Bruxism, the grinding of teeth, is a contra-indication, as would be wide gaps between teeth that would require too wide an 'overhang' of the veneer, making it vulnerable to cracking or failure. If the teeth have been over-prepared previously then alternatives such as a crown or implant may be indicated.


How long will my veneers last?

Given reasonable care to avoid mechanical damage, good oral hygiene and regular checkups, well fitted veneers typically last for 10 years or so before they might need attention.

Teeth before veneers
The same teeth after veneers

Well made composite veneers can make a very significant improvement to your appearance

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"Guy Robertson has been our family dentist for 25+ years.  My wife and I were recommended to Guy when we both had dental problems and not getting satisfactory results.  Since then we have never looked back.


Guy is charming, very professional and also a perfectionist so all the work we have had carried out over the years has been to the highest standard.  Because of our positive experiences we ensured several years ago that from the age of 16 both our boys should be treated by the best so they also now have regular check-ups with Guy.


The equipment in the practice is “State of the Art” so no worries in that area.   I would highly recommend Guy  and the Team to anyone looking for  superb dental care."   Martin Diviney

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